Leo Philipp Schmidt LPS

Is  an orthopaedic surgeon specialized in hand surgery and in pain treatment.
Together with Hanna Michel he runs a medical centre.


He paints.

He does this in a specific and in a varied style, using also ancient techniques such as the Glaze technique.His family came out of a great painting tradition. 


He sculpts in bronze, wood, metal, stone. 

He develops plans for urban architecture as well as for single buildings unifying function, form and the mental need of the habitants.  


He shoots documentary films and videos. 


He writes music.

Such as modern classical works going as far as Concertos for Harpsichord and Orchestra, Concertos for 2 Pianos and Orchestra and choir, cello works etc. 


He writes wonderful songs and extraordinary lyrics, prose and novels. 


He works together with professional musicians from all over the world.

Hanna Michel

Is an anaesthesiologist, specialized in pain treatment

Together with Leo Schmidt she runs a medical centre
She produces music, films and videos,
She writes screenplays.

And she is a mother of three wonderful girls