Wissenschaft und Philosophie


The philosophical and scientific topics that move us brought us together with extraordinary scientists and philosophers from all over the world, whose research approaches and ways of thinking inspire us and which we largely share.

Conversely, through our daily medical work, we have been able to give many suggestions and also help to explain much that also coincides with the scientific results for the most part.


Our understanding of time and space is undergoing a transformation.


The different levels of time in the field of quantum physics are difficult for us to understand and seem to be contrary to our sensations and intuitions, and at best they can be made tangible and perceptible in rudiments through art.

Space plays an essential role in connection with time for the approximation of our understanding of our brain, mind and our connection to and perception of art. Music can create a special space itself in this regard.

The ability to connect with others, that is, to synchronize, is what enables us to communicate, namely affective communication, through which, ultimately, understanding is possible.

Perception, primarily bodily perception, is first formed as a pattern of movement in our brain. Thus, movement is of essential importance.


Thus, dance in all its forms, as seen in different cultures, has a much greater significance than we have assumed so far.

We are grateful to have met many companions on our way.

The exchange is enriching in every respect.

In turn, we have experienced a great deal of confirmation for our medical work.

Doors open to the understanding of perception, perception also in relation to chronic pain in patients whom we treat primarily in our Medical Care Center.


The perception of the ego, of the self, of our identity, of our connection to the world are further opened in many ways and also lead to a deepened awareness of our own responsibility in relation to our behavior towards others and within society.

This also gains a political dimension.

Implications of our actions in relation to the scientific knowledge gained define and underpin a code of values that we must embrace.

Johanna Michel      LPS - H. Schmidt