"The union of art and nature stresses the particular aspect that the ‘extract of an image’makes us experience more intensively the happenings that surround us."


Leo Philip Schmidt develops concepts of urban and landscape planning. In his spare time, he forms figures out of stone and bronze.


It was indeed a long time ago that an allround genius like Leonardo da Vinci was an authority in a large number of disciplines, because the amount of knowledge and data has grown so much in the course of the past centuries that nobody can still absorb the whole information gathered in all the different fields.


Mankind at the threshold to the 21st century is obliged to be a crowd of specialists, but most of the time of a very limited nature. The modern high-performance society needs one-dimensional profiles, and if this is to the detriment of personal development, there is still enough spare time – "pleasure", that aims at fighting boredom after work and offering some kind of fulfilment.


Leo Philipp Schmidt embodies a species that has become quite rare today: he is able to channel his creativity in a large number of fields. In the age of the multimedia-oriented but still one-dimensional and flat entertainment industry, he seems to be nearly anachronistic, because he is a real multimedia artist. The structuring of space; linking simple and complex structures with the nature that surrounds them and thus finding a better way to show and explain them, this is the essence of this field of work.