Leo Schmidt also counts on his personal imagination. His profession, which he has learned from his father, leads him to new infinite universes. The modelling of sculptures, bronze sculptures, but above all the creation of oil paintings – preferably by using a blaze technique - charcoals and aquarel paintings, makes him discover wonderful things.


He captures the things that he has in mind, in an abstract or concrete manner, sometimes close to surrealism.Sometimes it is his musical creative process that influences his painting, and sometimes it is, on the contrary, the confrontation with painting that influences his music. All his painting includes the fractal painting technique, the painting in the painting, the search of the smallest artistic unit. Thus also the detail of a painting can be seen as an independent work of art when magnified. The symbiosis of music and painting is visible on Valle Venia’s CD cover.


His painting represented also the background of the anniversary television programme "30 years of classical music in the ZDF".

The paintings of Leo Philipp Schmidt are available as posters via the label Valle Venia.