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World of sounds and images

Alltough the label Valle Venia which is originated in Neustadt an der Weinstraße was established as early as 1988, it only attracted the attention of a wider public in the last few months which is mainly due to a very focused oublic relations campaign (see report in MM 50/99, page 49). One of the more intensive PR efforts was a recent presentation in hamburg. From being an introduction to the small but exclusive label it turned into a perfectly organised media event. Visitors entering the gallery Rose and being exposed to its impressive light and slide show were immediately drawn into the extraordinary world of sounds and images created by Valle Venia‘s owners Leo Schmidt and Hanna Michel. Christoph Tomanek, an actor from Hamburg, guided the media representatives and the music fans through the programme. Carolin Haffner (piano), Juliane Nickel-Flacksmann (cello) and the virtuoso percussionist Hakim Ludin played pieces classified as "Contemporary" and "World" by the label. The audience was especially interested in the music video "Life is back" introducing for the first time Valle Venia‘s new and unique music style "Crude". During the show the visitors were about two CDs which will be released on the 30th of June: "track II" (World) and "Cembalo Concerto" (Contemporary). All products sold under the label are distributed by Koch Classics or can be ordered on the