One could almost think the duo Leo Schmidt / Hanna Michel are Icelanders. The music of their vehicle Valle Venia is so different and interesting. One must inevitably think at the fluent and partly strange sounds of Acts like Björk or Sigur Ros. Leo Schmidt and Hanna Michel created with Fragile a pop music album, but by the instrumentation and the song structures they created far more; they almost go in the direction of classical music. 
The piano, the violins, guitars, cembali and drumloops harmonize virtually wonderfully with each other on Fragile.
Harmony by the way: the two sound creators could win the exception singer Sam Brown for fragile. 
And a profit is definitely the high, expressive voice of the brit (world hit "stop"). 
On the first half of the album the sensible more quiet sounds dominate while towards the end of Fragile it gets noticeably tough and stranger. Perhaps a bit Icelandic blood flows through the veins of these two sound genii?