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Valle Venia Art and music are not mutually exclusive

The name of Valle Venia (christened after a small valley in Tuscany, a hideway surrounded by peaceful countryside, is the brandname chosen for an out-of-the-ordinary concept created by married couple of doctors calles Johanna Michel and Hermann Schmidt. During the week they practice medicine, in the evenings and their leisure time they work in their own recording studio and workshop on an enormous variety of projects - multi-media events like the presentation of electronically modified whalesong in quadrophonic sound at the Maritime Museum in the Principality of Monaco to celebrate the new millenium. For this occasion, Schmidt has even developed a laser show designed to bathe the Maritime Museum at the Côte d‘Azur in iridescent colours during the summer of 2000. Valle Venia‘s "Art and Science" motto is definitely apt: "We incorporate an enomous variety of multi-medial concepts into our cross-category, genre-bending music."